Western Province Caterers


Western Province Caterers understands the need for fully trained staff, our Training & Development plan is aimed at all levels of the Catering operation from functional level on-the-job training to strategic level business development.

Western Province Caterers generates a climate of opportunity and challenge for all employees. Our Training Department inspires, motivates and creates a sense of excitement within our workforce, by guiding and mentoring our staff to reach their true potential.

Comprehensive training needs analysis is conducted and the necessary training is based on this analysis, which is consistently evaluated. This training is also supported by an active social responsibility to our team members including an HIV/Aids policy.

The “Taste” In house Training Kitchen enhances the culinary skills of all levels of employees, training is conducted by highly qualified Chefs trained in 5 star establishments.

We offer both CATHSSETA Accredited and short training courses based on the needs of each specialized catering sector.


At Western Province Caterers we realise the importance of balanced nutrition for the health and wellbeing our customers, consequently our dieticians hold meetings to address the needs of our customers, residents and patients. Their responsibilities include:

  • Assessing nutritional needs, diet restrictions and current health plans and in turn developing and implementing dietary-care plans.
  • Advising patients and their families on nutritional principles, diet modifications, food selection and preparation.
  • Counselling individuals and holding group talks on basic rules of good nutrition and healthy eating habits, to improve their quality of life.

Ongoing training of staff and the development of training courses are an integral part of the Dieticians role. Understanding the diverse dietary and nutritional needs of the South African nation and promoting local awareness of sound eating plans is crucial to the success of this important department.