Western Province Caterers

Healthcare Sector

Balanced nutrition is very important for the health and wellbeing of our patients. Providing appropriate nutrition in the hospital setting is a particularly challenging task due to the diverse dietary needs of the population. The following factors must be taken into consideration when meeting the individual’s nutritional requirements:

  • Age appropriate nutrition;
  • Religious, cultural and social backgrounds;,
  • Medical conditions.

A Western Province Caterers hospital client is a good example of our drive to promote healthy eating for those individuals, including staff and visitors, who would benefit from a healthy balanced diet. This is the challenge, but one that Western Province Caterers has met through clear communication and coordinated actions between all those involved in the food chain, especially vital input from the patients themselves.

Western Province Caterers recognises the fundamental importance of appropriate food provision for every patient as part of his or her treatment, which in turn will positively influence their health and recovery.