Western Province Caterers

Educational Sector

We believe that for the very best start in life children and young people need good nutrition. Good health and diet are not only important when young but also help establish a foundation for maintaining good health in later years.

We aim for the highest possible standards, serving nutritionally balanced, freshly prepared and attractively served food full of vital vitamins and minerals to enable them to lead healthy happy lives.

Western Province Caterers promotes healthy eating habits in schools by:

  • Supervised scheduled eating times in Primary School
  • Providing a supportive environment for healthy eating
  • Promoting and marketing of healthy food (e.g. pastry free day)
  • Pricing policies favouring healthy options in the tuck-shop
  • Increasing the range of healthy food available in the tuck-shop
  • Limiting the availability of “treat” food
  • Providing consistent messages about nutrition
  • Supporting students to eat well inside and outside the classroom.