Western Province Caterers

Business and Industry Sector

It is our fundamental belief that partnering represents the most efficient and effective way for Western Province Caterers to deliver a quality and world class service that incorporates the cost efficiencies that are beneficial to both parties.

Whether you are planning a boardroom meeting, staff or client gathering, product launch, Christmas party, corporate lunch or it’s just another Monday in the canteen, Western Province Caterers can tailor a catering package to suit your needs. Our experienced team of full time chefs specialises in event catering, from intimate occasions to large scale events.

We are mindful that the break times for employees is important in their day and therefore Western Province Caterers strives to create an inviting atmosphere where employees and visitors feel rejuvenated and re-energized after a meal or snack, adding value to your organisation with increased productivity.

In order to meet the ever changing needs of our diverse South African community we have an abundance of taste options to suit every palate. Western Province Caterers is not prescriptive regarding menus. We feel it is a participative process and would rather formulate menus around your specific requirements.

  • Innovated brands and concepts are implemented to maximise customer participation.
  • Brand development is tailor made to the client’s needs.
  • With the ever increasing demand for fresh and healthy eating, the Fresh Concept has been formulated to focus on this world wide trend.